About Multi-Financial Services Co., Inc.

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Multi-Financial Services Co., Inc.
2580 Care Dr. Ste #2
Tallahassee, FL. 32308
(800) 326-4112 Phone
(850) 656-3655 Fax

Multi-Financial Services Co., Inc., is headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, with approximately 9 employees, and is a licensed mortgage servicing company established in 1989. The company is lead by J. Terry Ryan, President and Chairman of the Board, a retired commercial banker with over 40 years of operational and lending experience. Combined mortgage servicing experience within the company is well over one hundred years of sound, customer driven experience!

The company specializes in servicing over $250 million in affordable housing loans nationally for cities, counties, and non-profit organizations as well as private investor loan portfolios. The company provides very efficient and cost effective loan servicing services including: Monthly statements to each borrower, toll-free line for clients and borrowers alike, past due collections including phone calls providing specific recommendations to lenders to curb delinquencies, payment of escrow bills in a timely manner plus an annual escrow analysis, printing of yearly interest-paid IRS notices, automatic deduction of payments (ACH), viewing of account status via secure online websites, and monthly management reports to each client.

Additionally, the company internationally licenses Trakker Loan Servicing Software, an internally developed loan servicing software product. Customers include: Mortgage lenders, banks, non-profit institutions, mobile home dealers, student loan servicing companies, private investors, and others servicing loans for themselves or others. Information is available at: www.thetrakker.com

For additional information on the above services and products, please call us at the above phone number or send an e-mail to: Sales Information