Funds Management Policy

As funds are received daily on mortgage payments and according to sound and established national mortgage banking policies and procedures, they are immediately/same day deposited into FDIC insured non-operational bank accounts in our corporate name, then payments posted immediately/same day to each borrower's loan. Thus, payments are easily seen next business day via our on-line mortgage review website screens for your and your borrowers' convenience.

Additionally, at our primary bank, in addition to the normal $250,000 FDIC insurance coverage, we have secured additional coverage in the form of bank-pledged U.S. Treasury Bills, past the FDIC $250,000 normal insurance, to an additional $250,000 to cover current-month principal payments.

Additionally, any escrow amounts above this total $500,000 coverage amount, that are not immediately needed to meet monthly escrow needs are moved to other local FDIC insured banks. These extra funds, again, as a normal national mortgage banking practice, are deposited in amounts up to $250,000 at each bank in guaranteed certificates of deposits in our corporate name earning competitive interest rates, as a vital means to keep your affiliate's loan servicing fees to a minimum and offset normal servicing expenses with this interest income.

Additionally, although protected by FDIC insurance, quarterly reports (mainly: are still reviewed for each bank we utilize to determine their soundness and viability. As such, we do not participate in "cross-bank" and/or "investment house" purchases of certificates of deposits above a bank's FDIC insurance $250,000 level, since we are not familiar with these other banks located out of our city and/or state, plus it would be considerably awkward operationally to do so.

Should you, your staff, and/or auditors ever have a question on our above funds management policies, please contact me, personally, anytime.

As always, thank you very much for your business and, most especially, referral of other affilites.

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