March 24, 2011

CONTACT: Multi-Financial Services
J. Terry Ryan

Today, in its on-going effort to show its continued strong support and appreciation of Habitat for Humanity affiliates and their volunteers' efforts to provide affordable housing, Multi Financial Services Co., Inc. (Multi Financial) announced its new "National Loan Servicing Fee Program (Program)".

This Program continues to recognize several important features that Multi Financial's many Habitat affiliate clients and prospective clients across the country have emphasized since the company became associated the Habitat organization almost (15) years ago:

As such, Multi Financial has developed a new Program to make it even more affordable for those Habitat affiliates wishing to "outsource" their loan servicing AND have the above needs met.

Therefore, effective immediately, a MAXIMUM National Fee of:

has been established to service all Habitat mortgage loans across the United States.

This National Fee will be the same whether an affiliate has one (1) loan or whether they have five-hundred (500) loans. Multi Financial recognizes it services thousands of Habitat affiliate loans across the nation; therefore, everyone should benefit from the company's own "economies of scale" across the nation!

This National Fee will include the following standard services to each affiliate and its clients (borrowers):

Traditionally, foreclosure and/or deed-in-lieu of foreclosures, if any, are handled by local affiliates per their requests; however, can be handled by Multi Financial should the need arise.

Additionally, this National Fee will include:

Multi Financial's new National Fee incorporates the philosophy that an affiliate should NOT be penalized for seeking quality and a more affordable loan servicing relationship with superior services.

Loan Setup Fees for currently "in-house" serviced loans will continue to be only Thirty ($30) Dollars per setup and only Fifty ($50) Dollars for new loans.

Additionally, there will be:

Equally as important, is Multi Financial's future long-term goal commitment to Habitat nationally of reducing its National Loan Servicing Fee even further as Multi Financial's following "Total Loans Serviced" continues to increase in months and years ahead:

Total Loan Serviced National Loan Servicing Fee (*)
3000 $8/account
4000 7.50/account
5500 7.00/account
7000 & more 6.50/account

(* Company reserves the right to make minor adjustments to this fee in certain states requiring more than normal licensing requirements)

Lastly, for those affiliates wishing to continue servicing "in-house", Multi Financial, as part of providing its "Total Loan Servicing Solutions ™" to affiliates, will continue to offer its very successful, user-friendly, Trakker Loan Servicing Software; specifically, priced to Habitat affiliates' number of loans serviced. This software application, normally licensing at over Four Thousand ($4,000) to FOR-PROFIT mortgage companies across the country, starts at only Three Hundred Fifty ($350) Dollars for an affiliate servicing ten (10) loans. Again, Multi Financial's commitment to Habitat affiliates to provide excellent and proven loan servicing software at an affordable amount, in return for helping provide affordable housing across the country.

Formed in 1989, Multi Financial Services Co., Inc. is a national mortgage servicing company headed by J. Terry Ryan, President, a former twenty year commercial banker, headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida. Servicing over three-thousand loans across the country representing over $100 Million in volume, Multi Financial provides full mortgage servicing services primarily to its "niche-market" of government and non-profit affordable housing organizations.

Additionally, the company's Trakker Loan Servicing Software, developed in-house for its own loan servicing operation is marketed nationally and internationally to mortgage and non-mortgage companies needing a very comprehensive yet user-friendly software application, containing Crystal Reports for development of quality management reports.