For 30 years Multi-Financial Services, Inc. has been associated with quality loan servicing for non-profit organizations including Habitat For Humanity, Fuller Center Housing, and city / county government agencies. Our guiding force is our commitment to each customer.

How have we achieved our success? Through innovation, consistency, and our employees! That's right, our employees. They are skilled, dedicated, and understand what each customer needs.

Today's loan servicer needs to be ready for rapid changes. With an ever-changing market and demands on each of your homeowners, Multi-Financial Services has always been able to provide solutions to address these trends and improve your loan servicing needs. We do not have the "one shoe fits all thinking" but rather, we employ the strategy to listen to each client and listen to each homeowner. This is what we mean by being client driven. The result is better control over costs for the homeowner and our clients.

Our commitment is to offer beginning to end loan servicing, with the opportunity to improve outcome. We pledge to deliver a unique service that is responsive to each clients' needs and to do this in a convenient and flexible way. We are not a lending company; therefore, there will never be a conflict of interest to solicit business from your homeowners.

Growing, changing, and innovating are just a few of the qualities that have distinguished Multi-Financial Services, Inc. as a preferred loan servicing company. We are rooted in a rich history (previous mortgage lending, servicing, and commercial banking experience) but grounded in the belief that quality and value never go out of style! By selecting us, you have selected the best for all your loan servicing needs!

As the following list of features indicates, a complete package of services is offered allowing you to choose those needed and then add on as your program grows and additional services are needed.

  • Toll Free telephone number for borrowers and clients
  • On-line access to loan information to lender and borrower
  • Comprehensive Reports:
    • Account & Payment Summaries
    • Delinquency Summary
    • Aging Summary
    • Reconciliations
    • Escrow Transactions
    • Escrow Summary
  • Ability to separate loans into different loan types with separate reports for each one
  • Ability to separate loans by different funding sources
  • Monthly statements sent to borrowers automatically
  • Past due notices and phone calls available within our fee schedule. Foreclosure and judgment activity available at an extra fee.
  • Full escrow accounting including payment of escrows and escrow analysis
  • Yearly Loan Summary
  • ACH payment collection for borrowers
  • FREE credit bureau reporting
  • Ability to re-coup previously paid escrow items
    • Non-profit affordable housing organizations: Maximum of $10/account/month! However, can go down based on number of loans serviced in your state or surrounding states (possible minor adjustment based on individual states' licensing requirements)
    • For-profit companies: $10-15/account/month and dependent on number of loans serviced
    • Price includes all monthly reports and past due collection except bring-current letters, foreclosure, extension of payments, and bankruptcy management.
    • FREE credit bureau reporting
    • ACH transactions for borrower payments: $1.50 paid by borrower
    • FREE toll-free WATS line for lenders and borrowers to call Multi-Financial
    • FREE access to secure on-line information for lenders and borrower to loan information
    • Lenders have on-line access to several management reports anytime
    • Non-profit Setup fee is only $30 for existing loans currently serviced in-house; $50 for new loans; zero cost to transfer loans from existing loan servicer.
    • For-profit Setup fee: $75.00 for existing loans and $150.00 for new loans.
    • For-profit pricing is as follows:
      * 1-10 loans $25.00 / acct / month
      * 11-25 loans $20.00 / acct / month
      * 26-100 loans $15.00 / acct / month

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